New England's Finest Showcase
As you arrive you will see a large white tent outside the quad.   Be sure to use social distancing when checking in.
The concession stand will be open.
  1. If you have not filled out the waiver online, please do so prior to the event. Any athlete who has not filled out the waiver will not be allowed to participate. 
  2. Campers must bring the following: bat, batting gloves, batting helmet, glove, catcher's gear (if a catcher) etc. 
  3. We strongly advise that your bring your own softballs if available to warm up with. 
  4. Please bring hand sanitizer, wipes, any cleaning products you may need.
  5. Bring your own mask for restroom use, we will not be providing one at camp. 
  1. Spectators are not allowed in the quad. Must stay behind the OF gates. 
  2. All spectators, participants and parents/guardians must practice and respect social distancing and shall wear face coverings as required in restrooms and at the concession stand.
  3. Parents are encouraged to bring their own chairs. 
  4. Spectators are limited to two adult chaperones per athlete.

Athletes Go Live

Outfielder & Catchers Testing- NE Finest Clinic AGL006744
Outfielders & Catchers Hitting - NE Finest Clinic AGL006745
Outfielders & Catchers Defense - NE Finest Clinic AGL006746
Pitchers Testing - NE Finest Clinic AGL006748
Pitchers Hitting - NE Finest Clinic AGL006749
Pitchers Defense - NE Finest Clinc AGL006750
Infielders Testing - NE Finest Clinic AGL006752
Infielders Hitting - NE Finest Clinic AGL006753
Infielders Defense - NE Finest Clinic AGL006754