New England's Finest Showcase

Summer Exposure Clinic 

In an effort to stay socially distant and limit contact with others we have altered our check-in protocols. As you arrive you will notice two white pop-up tents with 1 member of our staff under each. We ask that athletes check-in 1 per employee at any given time, and if you are able please remain in your cars if there appears to be any sort of line. Once you have checked in with our staff you will notice a table full of brown paper bags – your shirts for the event are contained inside. The bags will be laid out in alphabetical order and labeled with the information you entered upon registration. In addition to this information you will find your group numbers on your label, these will tell you which field you will start your session on.

We will ask that upon retrieving your bag that you please disburse from near the check-in area as to allow proper social distancing.

The concession stand will not be open so please make sure you have enough water with you.

We ask that you do not show up more than 45 minutes before your assigned session. This gives us time to clean the facilities in between sessions.

Information for Athletes Go Live:

  1. Hitting (Eisele Field) – AGL 004411
  2. Catching (Nelson Field) –  AGL 004415
  3. Outfield (Watters Field)
    1. RF View –  AGL 004410
    2. LF View –  AGL 004405
  4. Pitchers (Watters Field) – AGL 004405
  5. Infield (Watters Field)
    1. Home Plate View – AGL 004405
    2. Outfield-In View – AGL 004415

Information for Athletes:

  1. If you have not filled out the waiver online, please do so prior to the event. Any athlete who has not filled out the waiver will not be allowed to participate.
  2. Campers must bring the following: bat, batting gloves, batting helmet, glove, catcher's gear (if a catcher) etc.
  3. We strongly advise that your bring your own softballs if available to warm up with.
  4. Please bring hand sanitizer, wipes, any cleaning products you may need and your own water.
  5. Bring your own mask for restroom use, we will not be providing one at camp.

Information for Parents or Whoever is Dropping Athlete Off:

  1. Parents etc. cannot come to your field to drop you off. Spectators must stay outside of the complex during the morning session of camp.
  2. All spectators, participants and parents/guardians are required to the follow these guidelines and any additional guidelines from the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.
  3. All spectators, participants and parents/guardians must practice and respect social distancing and shall wear face coverings as required.
  4. There will be designated sitting areas for parents, the benches and bleachers at the PAL will not be open. Parents are encouraged to bring their own chairs.
  5. Spectators are limited to two adult chaperones per athlete.